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Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten, Grain and Soy Free!

What are Pets and Owners Saying and Doing??

Wanted to send you a few pictures of Layla enjoying an afternoon on the patio with her Smart Alex treats! Please let me know when you get the store up and running, we'll be glad to be one of your first customers :) Can't wait to try whatever new flavors/products you have coming out too!
-- Kristen and Royce, Reston VA
Both my dogs, Walker and Seven approved!  They ate every crumb!
-- Leslie, Laguna Beach, CA
Thank you for the samples.  My lab Jack and Lucie my Shih Tzu loved both the Growlnola Bites and Walnut Flax Chews!
Loren- Huntington Beach.
They loved the treats!!  Bella and Cesar say yum yum!
Alyson and Matt, Laguna Beach.
Jazzie loves the Smart Alex treats!  What is the special ingredient you added?  I think she may be addicted!!
Melane, Emerald Bay, Laguna Beach
Wow, I think that's what they're saying!  Rocco and Pinkie love both the Growlnola Bites and the Garbanzo Chews!
Thank you!
Collins Family, Santa Ana, CA
Thank you for the samples of Original Walnut Flaxseed Chews and Carrot Almond Growlnola Bites. I have a Boxer and a Shitzuh who loved these treats!!!! 
Kim, Cleveland, OH

Rufus and Rex Love Alex's Products


My toy fox terriers, Rufus and Rex love your treats. When I go for the SmartAlex bag of goodies, they really get excited. They smell great and are healthy for them too. Good stuff. We all thank you. 

Bruce A. , Philadelphia



 Bentley, my Lhasa Apso

Did you say treat?? Bentley loves your Growlnola™ Bites and Bars!  And he'll do a trick for either, or a Walnut Flaxseed Chew!!

Dianna R., Aliso Viejo


 Kuna and Betty

This was hard getting a picture....they gobble them up so quick!  You can see Betty waiting while Kuna inhales the snack!!  Betty liked the Growlnola™ Bites and Kuna loved the Walnut Flaxseed Chews!!  Thanks!

Don and Donna, Huntington Beach



We got the Sweet Beet-Peanut and Good Grain Growlnola™ Bites in the mail today and Sona is absolutely nuts about them!!  She is begging for more :).

Leah, Bowling Green, Ohio

Quintessa loves the Walnut-Flaxseed Chews and Growlnola™Bites!!

Betty and Rod, San Diego, CA