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Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten, Grain and Soy Free!

Honorbar(k) and Alex To Go

We've created two specialty retail applications to display and sell Smart Alex Products.

honorbar(k) was created for the hospitality industry that caters to lodging that accepts pets.  

honorbar(k) is intended to be placed in rooms that permanently are booked to customers with dogs, or are light enough to bring into rooms that are booked anticipating a guest with dog.

Information and pricing available from our Product Page.


Smart Alex To Go was created for smaller retail stores, convenience stores, kennels, dog spas or day care venues.  

Smart Alex To Go is intended for businesses where space is a concern. 

Rack currently under redesign.  New rack will be laser engraved natural wood base with plexi/plastic backing and butterfly supports.  Footprint: approximately 20" x 20" x 10" with convertible slots, able to hold approximately (12-18) 3.75 oz. bags each of our  Rainbow Mix Trio, Pumpkin-Banana Vegan Chews, any of the Growlnola® Bites, and 15-30 each of our single wrapped Growlnola® Bars.  Availability late 2016.

Please direct all questions regarding commercial/ wholesale accounts to alex@smartalexproducts.com 

Information and pricing available from our Product Page.