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Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten, Grain and Soy Free!

The Story of Smart Alex


Today’s dog owners are more conscious of healthy eating for themselves, their children and their ‘other children’. Dogs are a huge part of the family, and sometimes the only family. And we love our dogs!

  Smart Alex Products was developed to fill an obvious void in the dog snack industry. We found nothing on the market quite like what we’ve developed. We learned that not all name brand treats are necessarily the best for your dog. Huge advertising campaigns and high prices do not mean they are the healthiest. And the lower end of treats just has too many fillers, preservatives and unpronounceable words that don’t sound like food.

  We make each one of our products in small batches at a southern California bakery with ingredients that are human grade. Since all of our products are primarily vegetarian, we have avoided some of the allergy issues that some dogs have from certain meat products or byproducts. We also gain shelf life with no animal oils. And some of the newer VEGAN products are the best choice if your dog is allergic to nuts, dairy, eggs or yeasts.

  We are VEGETARIAN (or VEGAN), GRAIN FREE, GLUTEN FREE and SOY FREE on all but one of the products. The Growlnola® Good Grain products do have a small amount of soy flour, rice puffs and whole oats. We honestly believe these are the exception for a good reason. These ingredients are very digestible and very few reports of allergies to these also. They are also one of the most popular products to date.

  In the kitchen, we start with fresh carrot, sweet potato, banana, or whole garbanzo beans. You’ll also find pumpkin puree, blackstrap molasses, nutritional yeast, coconut oil, potato, spinach, beet, non-fat milk, spring water, egg, grape seed oil, flax seed and meal, whole oats, rice puffs, peanuts, cashews and almonds. Some have pumpkin seeds, chia seeds,  sesame seeds or sunflower seeds.  The flours we use are grain and gluten free, such as garbanzo bean flour, buckwheat flour, and tapioca flour. Our newest VEGAN Growlnola® Bite also contains coconut flour and apple-sweetened cranberries.

  We pride ourselves in balancing protein, vitamins and fiber, all from natural sources in the ingredients chosen for each formula. Your dog’s digestive tract, brain and body are always our concern.

 What you WILL NOT find are fillers, added salt or unnatural preservatives. Never, ever. The only preservative we use is Natural Tocopherols (vitamin E).  We also was added Yucca Schidigera, which not only keeps stool smell down, reduces urine acidity (grass burn), it provides soluble fibers (keeping the colon bacteria happy) and fructoligosacharides aiding in digestion.

  We invite you to try one of our four Garbanzo Bean Chew flavors, or the Growlnola® Bites or Bars in our current collection. There are two ways to try a sampling of all, either the Rainbow Mix Trio or our Gift Tin. For a limited time we are also offering FREE samples of most of our products. You simply pay shipping, or it ships free with any order.

  Please follow us on Facebook, or give us your email address so we can keep you posted on everything new that’s in the pipeline. And for those do-it-yourselfers, we just released our first Bark@Home product, the Cranberry-Peanut. Just add water or broth and a bit of oil to the Easy Mix Kit.

  The original mission evolved into what you see today, tasty Vegetarian, Vegan, Grain, Gluten and Soy Free products, all made with Alex’s proprietary spices that seem to make dogs smile—and most everyone asks if they can eat them once they get a whiff!!


 Cashew-Flaxseed Chews, Nutritional Facts, Per 100g:

Moisture 10.60, Ash 3.594, Protein 19.29, Fat 17.02, Carbohydrates 48.02, Calories 423.10, Calories from Fat 153.14, Crude Fiber 3.63, Calcium 285.00.

 Spinach Almond Chews, Nutritional Facts, Per 100g:

Moisture 11.90, Ash 2.123, Protein 17.66, Fat 16.23, Carbohydrates 53.59, Calories 431.06, Calories from Fat 146.07, Crude Fiber 17.72, Calcium 235.00.

 Sweet Beet Peanut Chews, Nutritional Facts, Per 100g:

Moisture 9.00, Ash 3.601, Protein 19.65, Fat 18.54, Carbohydrates 49.21, Calories 442.27, Calories from Fat 166.82, Crude Fiber 3.44, Calcium 279.00.

 Pumpkin-Banana Vegan Chews : Nutritional Facts, Per 100g:

Moisture 12.75, Ash 2.817, Protein 15.63, Fat 13.28, Carbohydrates 55.52, Calories 404.13, Calories from Fat 119.52, Crude Fiber 4.03, Calcium 183.00.

 Growlnola ® GOOD GRAIN , Nutritional Facts, Per 100g:

Moisture 9.60, Ash 2.253 Protein 15.86, Fat 22.84, Carbohydrates 49.45, Calories 466.79, Calories from Fat 205.56, Crude Fiber 9.01, Calcium 154.00.

 Growlnola ® HOLISTIC, Nutritional Facts, Per 100g:

Moisture 8.05, Ash 2.183, Protein 18.44, Fat 22.29, Carbohydrates 49.04 Calories 470.52, Calories from Fat 200.61, Crude Fiber 5.53, Calcium 178.05.

Growlnola ® VEGAN, Nutritional Facts, Per 100g: 

Moisture 11.35, Ash 2.333, Protein 11.28, Fat 18.30, Carbohydrates 56.73, Calories 436.79, Crude Fiber 3.86, Calories from Fat 184.74, Calcium 135.00.

 bark@home DIY Kit (Cranberry-Peanut) Nutritional Facts, Per 100g (dry mix): 

Moisture 7.45, Ash 3.110, Protein 20.94, Fat 14.70,Carbohydrates 53.80, Fiber (Crude) 3.85, Calories 431.28, Calories from Fat 132.34, Calcium 159.00 

 Independent lab analysis shows that our Growlnola® products contain 27ppm of the gluten allergen (.0027%). and the Chews or biscuits 65ppm (.0065%) even though the ingredients shouldn't contain gluten.  The FDA considers 20ppm and lower 'Certified Gluten Free' for humans, and this still contains traces of gluten.

             NOTE: If a potential customer’s dog has celiac disease I recommend they consult their veterinarian to confirm tolerance levels. These are snacks for your dog. Our products are not to be used at any time to take the place of your dog’s meal. Dogs need a balanced diet. Smart Alex Products is intended to supplement your dog’s daily intake of food.