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Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten, Grain and Soy Free!

Carrot-Almond and Cranberry-Sweet Potato Growlnola® Bars and Bites

Irresistible, crunchy and healthy snacks available in two forms. Both are made with Fresh Carrots and Sweet Potatoes!!    You like Granola bars, so why not treat your dog?  Bring them on your walks, the dog beach or park.   Especially good for hiking!  A quick healthy snack between meals or a reward anytime!  Growlnola ® Bars and Bites are formulated specifically for your dog. And now we have individually packaged Growlnola® Bars!!
You can choose from our original Carrot-Almond GOOD GRAIN FORMULA made with soy flour, oats and rice (grains), or our Grain and Soy Free Carrot-Almond HOLISTIC FORMULA .  And our newest Cranberry-Sweet Potato VEGAN FORMULA.      
For smaller dogs, we suggest the  Growlnola® Bites!
Complete ingredient list and nutritional facts listed with each product.
NOTE: We recently discontinued the bagged bars, but they are available by special order in bulk quantities.